About Us: From 'back paddock' to Luxury Retreat - 100 years of history

Pam's family has lived on this property for almost 100 years. Being a well known orcharding family in the fruit growing District - they have seen a number of changes over the many years. The orchard has survived for almost as long as the family has been here.

Pam's Family History and Connection to this Land:

The captivating tale of 'Lakeview' and its inextricable link to the lush tapestry of 'Tregeagle' orchards, tenderly cultivated by the visionaries Sydney and Ella Stanford, my beloved grandparents.

In 1928, my grandparents, Sydney and Ella, took root in this picturesque haven, transforming it into the heart of our family's history. It was a mere month before the birth of my father, Ross, who heralded the beginning of a familial connection that would endure several generations. Following Ross, his brother Lance joined the family, born just 13 months later, followed by their sister Norma a few years thereafter.

Syd, a stalwart figure, adorned this land with the largest grove of Packhams Pears trees in the local district. A luminary in fruit councils and boards, he reveled in showcasing the orchard's bounty at agricultural shows, journeying as far as the Sydney and Brisbane Royal Shows. The pears, once the jewel of the orchard, eventually made way for the apples and cherries.

As 'SA Stanford & Sons,' Ross and Lance dedicated themselves to the orcharding business, cherishing the legacy passed down by their father. When Syd bid farewell to this life in 1963, the brothers continued the orchard's legacy under the banner of 'Stanford Bros.' Apples, diverse in varieties such as Bonzas, Granny Smiths, and Jonathons, graced the land. Yet, in the quest for longevity and market appeal, Delicious and Red Delicious apples took center stage, their presence echoing through the Sydney Markets.

The ebb and flow of time have brought change to the apple landscape, and today, the once-familiar varieties have become rarities in our shops. 'Lakeview' stands not just as a property but as a living testament to the familial hands that have nurtured it, an enchanting saga of familial ties, and the perennial journey of growth and change.

Ross (Dad), Ella (Ma) and Syd (Pa)
Uncle Lance and Ross (Dad)
Dad on right with horse drawn spray cart in the orchard

Third generation family property:

Inheriting the tapestry of this enchanting land, I embark as the third generation to cultivate its beauty and prosper. A story woven with Hereford Cattle in my childhood, and now, the Highland Cattle, a recent addition by Trevor and myself in 2016. From the arrival of three 'Coos' and a Calf to the majestic herd of 18, Each day unfolds as a celebration of growth, harmony, and the timeless dance with nature."

Dad (Ross) & Mum (Jeanette) and I'm the youngest of 4 daughters (+ Dasha)
The Beautiful Eva

What we love about living here:

Trevor and I, Pam, have found enormous joy in our cherished home, nestled in a cool-climate wine region that stole our hearts. It seemed a tad selfish not to extend an invitation to others to revel in this serenity. Enthusiastic lovers of fine wine and food, we reside in a haven where local produce is crafted into culinary masterpieces by the clever restaurants and cafes in our vibrant community.

Our fortune lies in living beside the picturesque Lake Canobolas, a mere heartbeat from Orange, NSW. Acquiring this parcel of paradise from my family in 2006, we transformed it into our home and the sanctuary of three self-contained, secluded luxury villas. Our days unfold with the joy of the rising and setting sun, painting the lake and its surroundings in a kaleidoscope of colours. The privilege of witnessing four distinct seasons every year is a definite love of ours.

The chorus of birdsong, the playful antics of native animals, and the sheer marvel of nature enhance the allure of this sacred space. We found ourselves compelled to share this beautiful tapestry with others, birthing the Lakeview Luxury Retreat—a passion project borne from the desire to impart the magic we're privileged to experience every day. - Gallery.

The four seasons of Lake Canobolas
NSW 2017 Tourism Silver Award
NSW 2016 Tourism Bronze Award
Gold Award 2016 Self Contained Accommodation
Tourism Awards 2015 Finalist

Our Villas – Couples Retreat: (As you can see, we have won some Tourism Awards over time.)
The villas are purpose-built and we opened our doors to guests in late 2011 with our first one-bedroom villa -  Emerald Gem Villa. The second one-bedroom villa was completed and booking guests in August 2013 - Natures Haven Villa. Our two-bedroom villa opened in June 2017 - Twin View Villa. We established our accommodation business to be exclusive to couples only. This allows guests to enjoy space and relax without the added noise and demands of children. 

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Lakeview Luxury Retreat is a luxury Bed & Breakfast in Orange and is a proud member of Orange 360.  We are also part of Cabonne Country, Visit Orange & Visit NSW. For things to do in Orange, try Orange 360 and Wines of Orange.