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Lakeview Luxury Retreat: A Tranquil Haven in Orange's Scenic Heartland, Mere Minutes from the Boutique Shops, Restaurants, and The Botanic Garden— a Perfect Gateway to the Charms of This Picturesque Farming and Wine Region

Nestled in the Towac Valley, a landscape kissed by the ancient embrace of Mount Canobolas, Lakeview graces this earthly haven with opulent exclusivity. Enchanting basalt soils, birthed by the extinct volcano, cradle the grounds in a rich tapestry of red and brown clay loam, yielding an abundance of lush produce that thrives in this resplendent sanctuary.

A mere 5.5 km from Orange, and only 3.5 hours from Sydney, our retreat unveils itself as a hidden gem within nature and offering close proximity to the town's heart. Yet, we stand as a realm apart, our haven guarded by the majestic Lake Canobolas, an exclusive 'back-yard' unmatched in its allure.

Bound by the Lake Canobolas Reserve, Lakeview presents a haven of seclusion, where walks through this pristine reserve unfold at your whim, bathed in solitude. The Orange Mountain Bike Track beckons across the road, inviting the adventurous to explore. In summer, the lake sparkles with the promise of swimming, canoeing, sailing, and the tranquility of fishing, accompanied by the Lakeside Café's welcoming embrace.

Our view of Lake Canobolas
Our view of Mount Canobolas

Venture to the Pinnacle Road loop, where the ascent to The Pinnacle unveils vistas of the valley and the regal Mount Canobolas, standing sentinel over the landscape. Crown your journey with a drive to the summit, where panoramic views weave an awe-inspiring tapestry.

Our region unfolds as a treasure trove of villages, each a short drive away—Canowindra, Cargo, Cudal, Manildra, Molong, Millthorpe, Blayney, and Carcoar—each a unique jewel in the crown of our surroundings. And, as the sun sets, surrender to the celestial spectacle above, where the Milky Way unveils its cosmic dance, inviting you to marvel at the wonders of the night sky.

Indulge your senses, relax, and find solace at Lakeview Luxury Retreat, a haven of beauty and exclusivity. We eagerly await your presence in this sanctuary, promising an unforgettable rendezvous with serenity. Until then, see you real soonBOOK NOW!

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A beautiful evening over The Emerald Gem Villa
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