Orange F.O.O.D Week – A Foodie’s Dream

Come and check out Orange F.O.O.D Week on 9-18 April 2021. Now in its 30th year, the event consists of ten amazing days of events showcasing the Orange region’s incredible produce.

We’ve seen some local events come and go at Lakeview Luxury Retreat, but one that has stood the test of time and continues to attract people from far and wide is Orange F.O.O.D Week.

We’re lucky enough to have some of the country’s most diverse and delicious produce homegrown in our abundant region. We’ve got it all: fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, smallgoods, meat, jam, bread, honey, wine and more! Our very own luxury Orange accommodation is blissfully positioned between a vineyard and an orchard, so we can attest to the quality of the local produce first-hand.

…But don’t take our word for it! Come and check out Orange F.O.O.D Week on 9-18 April 2021. Now in its 30th year, the event consists of ten amazing days of events showcasing the Orange region’s incredible produce and celebrating those who play a part in making Orange the vibrant and productive region that it is today.



Orange F.O.O.D Week – a foodie’s dream

If you love bold flavours, creative combinations and new and exciting takes on traditional dishes, Orange F.O.O.D Week is the ultimate place for you.

Over ten days, there are multiple opportunities to enjoy meals catered by some of Orange’s gastronomic geniuses. Most of these events are ticketed though so you’ll have to get in quick! You can even enjoy breakfast and bubbles as you sail over Belubula Valley in a hot air balloon – what better way is there to start the day?!

You can join tastings, tours and workshops to advance your own culinary skills, and take advantage of the many special offers up for grabs at local cafes and restaurants at this time of year.


Celebrating local Orange producers

Some of the most popular events during Orange F.O.O.D week are the ‘Show, Tell and Taste’ workshops, each featuring two locals growing produce with flavours that are often found together. To name just a few of the flavour combinations on show: saffron and chicken, pork and apple, chestnuts and chocolates, cheese and bees… All the delightful pairings that we’ve come to know and love – and some you may be yet to sample!

The producers at each workshop will tell their stories, share how their goods are made and offer tips and tricks for those who hope to grow their own produce or simply get some inspiration for preparing new dishes at home.


Sustainability through and through

Orange F.O.O.D Week became the first food and wine event in Australia or New Zealand to become certified as a sustainable event. To achieve this, they’ve minimised carbon emissions, waste and water useage as much as possible. You’ll notice plenty of ‘green’ initiatives in play and  a great public transport system to get you to and from events without hassle.

If you’re travelling to and from Lakeview Luxury Lodge, we can help advise you of your transport options so that you too can play a part in maintaining the event’s superb sustainability credentials.



Orange F.O.O.D Week has such a jam-packed schedule of events that we’ve barely touched the surface in this piece – but we encourage you to check out the event website to find the events that speak to you. Our Orange accommodation is ready and willing to welcome you with open arms to our beautiful, fruitful, flavoursome part of the world.

Posted by Lakeview Retreat on March 08, 2021