The Best Walks Around Orange

There’s nothing quite like a good walk and Orange has plenty of them!

There’s nothing quite like a good walk - whether it’s for fitness, relaxation or to explore new and different parts of the world. Our luxury accommodation in Orange is perfectly situated near mountains, lakes, waterfalls, gardens and heritage areas, offering some of the best walks around Orange. Whether you’re a power walker or more of an ambler, there’s a walk nearby for you.


Borenore Karst Conservation Reserve

Located 17 kilometres north-west of Orange, Borenore Karst conservation reserve offers two great walks that you can navigate solo, with a friend or even with little ones in tow. And for many it’s not the walks here that are the highlight, but the ancient karst limestone caves you’ll find scattered throughout the reserve. At just 700m, the walk to arch cave is the easiest for little ones. Or if you’re looking for something longer, set your sights on the 7km return walk to Verandah Cave. You’ll pass Tunnel Cave along the way – just be careful if you choose to explore this one as it’s not suitable for beginners or children. The walks here are flat, peaceful and a great option if you like to combine your exercise with a bit of adventure.


Pinnacle Lookout

We’ve mentioned Pinnacle Lookout a few times before in our blogs, but that’s because it really is one of the best walks around Orange to experience jaw-dropping views. Situated south-west of Orange, the drive here from our luxury accommodation will only take you ten minutes. The walk from the car park up to Pinnacle Lookout can be done in about 15 minutes, keeping in mind that it gets steep in some parts. The views from the top are best experienced at sunrise or sunset but as long as it’s a clear day, the walk up here is worth it at any hour. This one is great if you’re in a hurry or you simply like to be rewarded at the end of your walk.


Cook Park Heritage Walk

Cook Park is located in the middle of town, making it one of the best walks around Orange if you also want to squeeze in a coffee or a bite to eat nearby. You can make your own way around the Park, enjoying the beautiful gardens and brisk fresh air. The gardens change depending on the season: in spring you’ll see colourful tulips and daffodils, in summer you’ll see (and smell!) the roses, and from February until April you’ll see an impressive display of Tuberous Begonias in the Blowes Conservatory. You can also explore the original caretaker’s cottage, which dates back some 150 years to when the park was established. The cottage is now home to the popular Park Guildry – a fantastic little store full of local handcrafted goods, produce and crafts.


Historic Water Race Walking Track / Mullion Creek Waterfall

About 20 minutes’ drive north of Orange is Mullion Range State Conservation Area, another expansive natural wonder ready for you to explore. The Historic Water Race Walking Track is described by as a ‘living legacy of Australia’s early and intriguing gold mining history.’ The 2.7 kilometre walk will take you around an hour and a half to navigate, and along the way you’ll see how water was directed into mining areas from a nearby Creek. There are plenty of birds to be seen in area and opportunities for swimming too! Mullion Creek Waterfall (or ‘The Falls, as it is affectionately known) is a great place for fishing and cooling off when it’s warm.


Lake Canobolas Reserve

The centrepiece of Lake Canobolas Reserve is a tranquil blue lake where many birds and wildlife gather. The walking track around the lake makes for a blissful stroll and with one lap of the lake around 2.5 kilometres long, it’s a great spot to get in your morning exercise. Popular with holidaymakers and families too, the reserve is a great place for a picnic or to catch up with friends. You can go fishing, take a dip or just sit and watch the wildlife and people go by… A great place to spend a couple of hours and just a 10-minute drive from our luxury Orange accommodation.



Posted by Lakeview Retreat on February 25, 2022